Learning difficulties? Not reaching potential? Frustrated?

Focus on Learning runs Davis Dyslexia Correction Programs in Sydney, Australia for adults or kids. If you or your child is experiencing difficulty with  getting distracted, lacking confidence in reading or having to reread to understand – Davis Dyslexia Correction Programs are the solution.

Dyslexia – the problem:

  • Easily distracted when reading or writingDyslexia - The Problem
  • Gets frustrated
  • Seems unable to ‘sound-out’ words
  • Confusion makes symptoms worse
  • Doesn’t like reading
  • Writing Difficulties
  • Spelling problems

Dyslexia – the solution:

Davis Dyslexia Correction Program Sydney –

  • Reading ProgramTools for focusing, relaxing
  • Find out how to reduce frustration
  • Unique, hands-on program geared to dyslexics
  • Visual methods to improve reading and comprehension
  • Increased writing confidence and ability
  • Gain confidence with punctuation
  • Improved spelling
  • Geared towards each individual’s goals

Overcome Dyslexia learning difficulties

Davis Dyslexia Correction programs are different. They truely provide the solution to dyslexia and learning difficulties.  Davis Dyslexia programs are effective for both adults and children. They have an amazing success rate. Feedback from past clients that attended the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program at Focus on Learning, Sydney is always good. Davis Dyslexia programs provide fun, easy solutions to learning difficulties.

Why Davis Dyslexia Programs?

Davis Dyslexia clientClients learn to:

  • to maintain their focus
  • to reduce anxiety
  • Hands on techniques to overcome confusions
  • method to correct visual perception issues
  • to overcome frustration
  • spelling techniques for visual learners
  • Comprehension skills that are easy and effective
  • Solutions to dyslexic symptoms
  • Skills to improve writing

There are different Davis Dyslexia programs for reading dyslexia, maths difficulty (dyscalculia) and Attention Deficit Disorder(ADHD) and Young dyslexics (Age 6-8). They are all extremely effective.

Eliminate the issues associated with dyslexia and allow the gifts to blossom. Contact your Davis Dyslexia Facilitator in Sydney, Bets Gregory to discuss what can be done to find a solution.